The Pastor's Corner

by the Rev. Robert C. Louer, III

Welcome fellow traveler on the road of life. Thank you for stopping along the way at the website of the First Presbyterian Church of Avenel, New Jersey.

If you’ve come here wondering who we are and whether you, yourself, or with friends or family, might fit in here, we are people, and you are welcome here. We are a diverse community of ordinary folks. Chances are, you’ll find people here just like you, unlike you too. One thing that makes this group of ordinary people extraordinarily interesting, is the variety of their gifts, talents, vocations, and backgrounds — racial, ethnic, social, economic, cultural, and religious — including no religious background. What’s more, each one of us has a story to tell.

What brings us together? By God’s grace, we’ve been called on a voyage to know, follow, love, and serve Jesus Christ, and to experience and share with others the extraordinary hope that comes from the power of His transforming love. Some of us have just responded to this call while others are a bit farther on, yet we travel together with Him, encouraging one another and being encouraged.

Our purpose is to bring the world light and hope by sharing in word and deed the love of this God we are coming to know. That is, God’s love in us bears fruit through our acts of love for and service to each other, our community, and the world…acts of worship. 

Our central act of worship together occurs on Sunday mornings. We gather to worship this God who loves unconditionally, inspires hope, feeds us spiritually, and sends us out to love and serve others. Our worship is grounded in Scripture, Christ-centered, prayerful, and music-filled — offered in forms that honor both the great traditions of the Church and its more recent expressions. It may be that you’ve: 

  • never stepped foot in a church building, or
  • have been part of a church but didn’t get connected, or
  • have been away for a while, or
  • have moved into the area or are otherwise seeking a new church home.

Either way, we invite you to join us on the journey.

What's your story?

Bob Louer, Pastor

A Christian is a living sermon whether or not he preaches a word.